Artist Statement


Art is my preferred mode of communication. Color and form give me a language that allows me to directly convey my beliefs about life, the human race, and our differences.
My sculptures tend to be statements about equality, social justice, and immigration. I sculpt as a carver whether I work in stone, clay or any other medium.
My paintings are an abandoned dance in color, an antidote to the world we live in.
I begin with a clay print, transfer it onto a geotextile, mount it on a board, and add mixed media.

I draw primarily from my life experiences. I come from a long lineage of Jewish nomads. My people are immigrants/refugees that fled countries and continents due to physical, political, or economic survival. Along the way pieces of many cultures got attached to my DNA – various languages such as Russian, Yiddish, Spanish, Quechua, Hebrew, Arabic, and English; ethnic delicious foods; particular cultural humor; and stories. I am an amalgam of it all.