Artist Statement


Art is my preferred mode of communication. Color and form give me a language that allows me to directly convey my beliefs about the human race, about differences, about oppressions.

I work in a variety of mediums. I sculpt my 3D pieces as a carver whether I’m working in stone, clay or mixed media.

The 2D work is an abandoned dance in color. I begin with a clay print, transfer it on an industrial material, mount it on a board, add mixed media, and slowly create the final piece.

I draw primarily from my life experiences. I come from a long lineage of Jewish nomads. My people are Immigrants that fled countries and continents due to physical, political, or economic survival. Along the way pieces of many cultures got attached to my DNA - languages: Russian, Yiddish, Spanish, Quechua, Hebrew, Arabic, and English; ethnic delicious foods; particular cultural humor; and stories.
I am an amalgam of of it all. My art reflects that.